Rheem VS AO Smith Water Heater: Which One Works Best?

Rheem and AO Smith are two of the top popular brands on the market at present. Both are better known for their excellent product and service. To meet customer demands they are capable of in a different way. Rheem offers high-ranking warranty packages, exploite innovative and unique techniques and so much eco-friendly. AO Smith is much popular for its excellent customer service. Both products have their own pro and cons as well.

When we pick any questions about water heater, consistently Rheem and AO Smith comes are at the top tier. They both are best brands to look out for in terms of impressive product line.

They both are good but different by their own variety, capacity, energy-efficiency, service etc. To fix eye on a good choice of water heater for your residential or professional use, you have to earn a deeper sense about them.

In this article, I will show you some important facts about them in details as well as difference and comparisons too. Hopefully this information may help you to choose the right one. So, let’s begin!

Rheem VS AO Smith Water Heater: Core Differences



Rheem Water Heater

AO Smith Water Heater

i. Service


Works well to heat water. Works for heating water and air cooling as well.
ii. Warranty


 At least 6-8 years. At least 6-12 years.
iii. Precise


More appropriate for household use. Appropriate for household as well as commercial uses.
iv. Budget


Require friendly budget. Not require high budget, actually depends on features and models.
 v. Production


Produce hybrid electric, gas tank & tankless water heater. Produce tankless, gas tank & electric water heater.
vi. Design


Greatly designed & slightly ahead of AO smith. Well designed.
vii. Comfort


37% of total plumbers feel comfort with it. 22% experts prefer Rheem.
viii. Perfection


Mostly preferable for electric water heater. Mostly preferable for tankless water heater.
    ix. Lifetime Average life of electric 10-15, gas 9-12 & tankless 20 years. Provide same lifetime like Rheem.

Significant Features that must be look for in a water heater

When we need a new product for our home, we start investigation about its capacity, price, warranty, design etc. And its good because it will save us from regrates. For this, before buying a new water heater we have to find out some important information about this product.

  • Capacity:

A water heater how much water can hold and heat is called the capacity of water heater. Installing a big one, it will consume more energy and take more physical space in your room. But the good thing is it can hold a large amount of water and also can heat more. Small one will take a small place and heat less than bigger.

  • Size:

Sometimes homeowners fix an exact dimension for water heater, for this when anyone want to bring a new one, they have to find out the location properly ‘is that place suitable for this water heater or not?’ In that case size is also an important feature to set a new water heater.

  • Energy-efficiency:

All knows energy cost is increasing day by day. Most of the water heater will have an energy factor rating that give us a clear view of energy consume fact. Normally water heater responsible up to 18% of our home’s total monthly energy cost. That’s why it would be beneficial to look energy-efficiency before buying a new water heater.

  • Warranty:

Warranty is also important fact in that case, it’s very urgent to know how long this product can last and how long it could supply proper service. Check out warranty card is also a responsible job.

  • Design:

Standard design enhances the beauty of home, that also can present the update quality and capability of the product.

  • Reliability:

Everyone prefers to invest a reliable brand which produce a quality product and provide high quality customer service. Brand consciousness play a vital role to choose standard and perfect water heater.

  • Fuel source for gas water heater:

Electric water heater doesn’t create any necessity of fuel source and its installations. If you want to install gas water heater, you have to do an investigation of safety and legality. Your home must have proper ventilation requirements before.

  • Customer service:

All branded product not given the same customer services. For this if you want more service care please check out the service list at first.

  • Budget:

Most important feature. Best branded products provide best services as well as best prices too, for this you need to check the product quality and its price too which can cover well by your budget.

Brief Detail about Rheem and AO Smith water heater:

Rheem Water Heaters:

The Rheem company provide various versatile product those are standard, affordable and full of options. This companies’ product delivered facilities for over 100 years. It’s being populated always for its amazing qualities. It provides different types of water heater for the users and among them electric and tankless water heater are most popular. Many plumbers and experts recommend electric and tankless water heater from Rheem.

Highly accessible brand and sold in online as well as different stores worldwide. Mostly available in Asia, Canada and North America. Rheem water heater can last at an average of 14 years. And this is true for all water heater those Rheem produce like gas, electric, propane, solar and hybrid water heater.

Some good features:

  • Mostly reputed for longevity and reliability.
  • Provide different powered options.
  • Market availability and service is good.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Deliver wireless connectivity.
  • Scheduled water heating.
  • Leak detection.
  • Offer away mode.

Types of Rheem water heater:

  • Electric Water Heater:
  1. Offers 20+ water heater model.
  2. Have a warranty around 5 years.
  3. Their best models have voltage of 240, with a 13 KW wattage.
  4. Average life time 10-15 years.
  • Gas Water Heater:
  1. Offers 40+ water heater model.
  2. Capable to hold around 40 gallons water.
  3. Have warranty up to 6 years mostly.
  4. Around 22% households use gas water heater.
  5. Average life time 9-12 years.
  • Tankless Water Heater:
  1. It makes Rheem water heater famous for its unique quality.
  2. Offers 35+ models.
  3. Durable and strong.
  4. Have warranty mostly 12 years.
  5. Average energy factor is 0.96.
  6. Average life time 20 years.

AO Smith Water Heaters:

AO Smith company reached a top position in a short time for their amazing products and service quality. Although they are not versatile but they maintain proper quality and productivity that attract people’s attention most.

It makes some revolutionary changes in eater heater and being the first companies who produce tankless high efficiency water heaters and solar hybrid.

Some Good Features:

  • Well for durability.
  • Preferred choice for professional plumbers.
  • Offers tankless, gas, electric water heater as well as larger commercial heaters and boilers.
  • Reliable and energy-efficient.
  • Provide high customer service.

Types of AO Smith water Heater:

  • Electric Water Heater:
  1. Provide 30 model of electric water heaters.
  2. Best models have a voltage of 120, 1600 Watts.
  3. Have a warranty up to 6 years.
  4. Average life time around 10-15 years.
  • Gas Water Heater:
  1. This gas water heater can be found in up to 37% of households in the US.
  2. 60 various models are available of natural gas and liquid propane tank water heaters.
  3. Have 6 years warranty.
  4. 40 gallons water can hold up by most water heaters.
  5. Average lifetime is around 9-12 years.
  • Tankless Water Heater:
  1. Over 20 model of tankless water heater offered by this brand.
  2. Most popular tankless water heaters have an energy factor of 0.93.
  3. Average lifetime 20 years.
  • Have warranty around 12 years.

Difference and Comparison among them:

  • AO smith only compete with water but Rheem water heater work with water as well as air cooling.
  • Rheem water heater offer 6-8 years warranty that is less than its competitor. AO Smith offer 6-12year warranty that is quite long.
  • Rheem water heater is more appropriate for households than commercial uses. AO Smith are equally convenient for both.
  • If anyone need gas water heater especially tankless, he should get it from AO Smith and if anyone prefer electric water heater, he should prefer Rheem brand.
  • Rheem water heater almost identical for this they are quite affordable too. AO Smith is budget-friendly but mostly depends on its features and models.
  • AO smith have no massive business, this reason they are specialized in producing water heaters and purifiers. Rheem brands produce different types of product, in this reason their manufacturing space is so high.
  • AO Smith water heater has less activities in Asian religion but famous in western countries. Otherwise, Rheem water heater have equal activities in Europe and Asia.
  • Both water heaters brand is designed greatly but Rheem is slightly ahead of AO Smith.
  • 37% of total plumbers feel comfortable work with AO smith and 22% expert prefer Rheem water heater.
  • Questions come about lifetime, its only depends on careful operating and maintenance issues. Otherwise, both are very comfortable to use.

Necessary Questions

Q1: Which company best for electric water heater?

AO Smith’s Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat pump and Professional 50-GAL Electric Water Heater by Rheem are the most favorable electric water heater. In this case, Voltex Hybrid electric heat pump is the clear winner because it has high consumed capacity and energy star certificate.

Q2: Which brand provide best electric tankless water heater?

In this case, 24kW Tankless Electric Water Heater of Rheem and 24kW 4-Chamber Water Heater of AO Smith both are good. But honestly speaking here we should vote Rheem for its fast-heating speed.

Final Words

From above discussion, I think you have a clear idea about Rheem and AO Smith water heater. As you can imagine, both are best water heater because they have a small margin difference. So, the opinion is yours which one you should prefer. Just choose the best one which can fulfil your demand and ensure the best use of your money.

However, its not a big deal what brand you choose, just follow the instructions of using process and enjoy.

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