Knock Down Ceilings VS Smooth Ceilings: What Is The Better Option?

Knock down ceilings and smooth ceilings both are very popular to use. They have different characteristics as well. Here the question is ‘which one is better?’

So, if you interested to enhance your home look better and want to use one of the ceilings among them, you have to check out some details about them, those will be helpful to decide and choose the right one. Here presents a simple tip, don’t follow others plan or suggestions because no one can tell you accurately which ceilings will be perfect for your installations.

That’s why, first of all do some research about each style as much as possible and make sure yourself which one can suits on your taste.

Morally, this research not only save you from any regrets but also allow you to have a better sense of your costs.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Knockdown Ceilings: Definition and Facts

Knockdown ceiling, a unique ceiling texture that provide uneven and stylized design which able to cover any imperfection that attract people most. It doesn’t create any problem to install whatever your decor style.

It was first popularized in the early 90’s and also keep its popularity in the same way for its unique quality. Uneven pattern and exoteric attribute make it more suitable.

Helps to reduce construction cost because it conceals imperfection of drywall while normally it requires higher expensive stages of sand and prime for drywall installs.


  • Stylized and uneven design.
  • Suitable for all decor style.
  • Provide striking and noticeable look.
  • More exoteric and cost effective.
  • Save from outside sound impact.
  • Reusable.
  • Cheaper.


  • A quite laborious process.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Not easy to clean.
  • Difficult to repair.

Smooth Ceilings: Definition with Facts

Smooth ceiling, specially named by its characteristics and fond of by its accessibility. Very comfortable to install and set up. And most important efficiency is, it maintains a cheaper laborious process and fill up the necessaries very comfortably.

It’s a versatile ceiling style that maintain your entire expectations properly. Facile applicability makes it more beloved of all. It not only adjusts itself with any color or sizes room but also can help to change the room look both larger or smaller.

Homeowner apply smooth ceiling to upgrade the home look and also increase the value of home. Maximize the reflection of light no matter if it is ambient or directional light. Ideal for living room, office room and hole room.

Aesthetically, it makes a general feeling of calm. Easy to clean, maintain comfortable air quantity that attract people most. It has no porous and mellifluous surface that can hold any dust or smoke odor. Moral good thing is, ensure color consistency and durability.


  • Versatile ceiling style.
  • Comfortable accessibility.
  • Maintain a cheaper laborious process.
  • Matchless adjustability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Upgrade home look.
  • Raises the ceiling.


  • Provide no sound proof facility.
  • Show imperfections easily.

Difference Between Knockdown Ceilings and Smooth Ceilings

Here have some key points that might impact on your decision to choose the right one. First of all, we can point out visually that indicates the aesthetic look. Actually, this is the primary difference between them. Here have some major noticeable differences between knockdown ceiling and smooth ceilings.

For better understanding, lets break down all the differences by category.

1. Installation process:

Smooth ceiling:

Actually, It’s a forthright process. First of all, select the wall to start the process. Fill the holes those left by previous fittings and sanding everything flat. By following packet instructions mix up the drywall compound and apply them to the entire. Smooth it all out as much as possible. In that case, you can always sand down the odd bump after.

After that while its dry seal it’s in. Note point is that this time its not ready for painting. It will take more time to paint.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Actually, it’s a laborious process which need more time and skill to get better look. Here also firstly filling the holes and sand down around. Mix up the drywall compound, loading them into the sprayer’s hopper and apply them to the wall evenly, ensure not being applied so thickly.

Before that you have to wait at least 10-15 minuets to absorb the water. Otherwise, it can thicken inside the hopper. Then take some time to dry but remember not so long. Visually check the drywall mud which would take 10-15 minutes to dry. After finishing this process seal the ceiling and choose color to paint.

2. Cost:

Smooth Ceiling:

Smooth ceiling less expensive process than knock down ceiling. Here dry wall mud, trowel take a short amount to complete the job. But takes high labor cost. It also requires long time to finish the job. In this case it looks little costly too.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Quite little expensive process. Requires costly hopper and sprayer. But it takes lower labor cost than smooth ceiling process. In that case it’s a time saving job and for this some houseowner prefer it most.

3. Durability:

Smooth Ceiling:

Flat design and matchless adjustability make its more durable. Smooth surface helps to clean and repair quickly. And most important fact is its not attract by dust easily.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Although it does a great job hiding imperfection but technically less durable than smooth ceiling. Very difficult to clean and repair. And sharp bad side is easily attracted by dust.

4. Outlook:

Smooth Ceiling:

A versatile ceiling style that raising the look of home by its excellent aesthetic view which can stopped you from any regrets. Comfortable to apply any decor as you wish. Anyone can’t go wrong with the smooth ceiling because it’s a nice and safe option.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Knockdown ceiling has an uneven unique look and least common finish stylized quality that suitable for contemporary decor. Its outlook is also nice.

5. Maintenance:

Smooth Ceiling:

Quite easy to keep clean because of its flat surface. Its just like a king of ceilings for its easy cleaning and maintenance quality. Just wipe it down with a simple feather brush and you are done.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Little challenging process to maintain, considerably not easy to clean. Uneven surface creates issue to clean and maintain. Sometimes it creates a big trouble that destroy the outlook and durability of the ceilings.

6. Repair:

Smooth Ceiling:

Here repairing process is super easy and not create any trouble. Just select the damage area and refill that. Sand it flat and apply a soft coat of drywall mud over that place. And after that you can comfortably paint this area again.

Knockdown Ceiling:

Quite difficult to repair. Need more labor time, drywall mixture, sprayer pressure again and correct skilled applications too. You have to start the process just like the beginning. But can complete the process fast by following some techniques.

7. Removal:

Smooth Ceiling:

Actually, this process completely not necessary here. Because of flat surface you can refinish it easily. Just sand it down again and paint.

Knockdown Ceiling:

However, its relatively easy process here. Would require a piece of time and labor. But you can do this work here quite fast.

A Quick Look On The Core Differences

Title Knock Down Ceilings

Smooth Ceilings

i. Installation Easy to install and require little time, cost & labor. Laborious process, costly & take time to install.
 ii. Durability Technically less durable than smooth ceiling. More durable than knock down ceiling.
 iii. outlook Stylized & wonderful outlook. Versatile, standard and excellent aesthetic ceiling style.
 iv. Cost Friendly & affordable. Laborious process.
 v. Repair Making trouble when repairing process on. Super easy to repair.
 vi. Maintenance Little challenging to maintain & creates issue to clean for uneven surface. Quite easy to clean and maintain because of smooth surface.
 vii. Removal Easy to remove from wall & quite fast process. Not necessary actually.
viii. purpose Enhance rooms acoustics, stop noise problem, reduce construction cost & hide imperfection. Give standard look, add visual height, making room seem smaller& works well for last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people like texture ceiling or smooth ceiling?

People choose texture ceiling for its numerous quality those are quite different than smooth ceiling. Its an affordable process, gives attractive look, hide all minor imperfection easily that is the most popular quality of knock down ceiling. Mostly used in residential area where people need more peace and comfort. Sometimes people choose it specially for its sound proofing quality and sometimes for different look and affordability.

Now, come to smooth ceiling that is most popular and common ceiling type. Comfortably suits in residential and commercial area with its amazing facilities. It also known as versatile ceiling. Quite expensive but stay last long that is the most important fact. Make room appearance standard and classical, hatch room space larger and lighter. Easy painting and easy cleaning are also popular to the user.  People loved it for its durability, modern look and comfortability.

Which type of ceiling is best for home?

Actually, best choice depends on our requirement and taste. In that case materials are the most important fact that impact a lot on our taste. Well, base on material we can decide to select Gypsum ceiling is the best choice for home interior.

Because it has excellent advantages like low cost, heat-resistant, durable, sound control, ease installation, availability and some more. Just like a package of facilities.  Even its more long lasting than POP.

How can you make your ceilings more attractive?

Sometimes we spend a lot of money but can’t fulfilled our exact demand for some wrong decision. Color, furniture, decorations, room set up etc impact a lot on it. To get attractive look we need to choose best ceiling as well as best set up also. We have different design tricks those may help you to make your room appearance adorable.

  • Use vertical display.
  • Consider high gloss ceilings.
  • Expose your structure.
  • Use uplighting.
  • Keep window coverings simple.
  • Opt for furniture that is low and horizontal.
  • Put color on the ceilings.
  • Patterns and stripes,

What is the most expensive ceilings texture?

Smooth ceiling texture is the most expensive ceilings texture. To have a good finished smooth look it requires high expense, labor, skilled and time. In ordered to supply a consistent look primed and painted are also needed here. For all this reasons smooth ceiling texture called as a most expensive texture.

What is the difference between ceiling and false ceiling?

Ceiling is the upper surface of the room that everyone knows well and false ceiling is different that is not an actual ceiling. To be honest its a secondary ceiling that hung below the main roof. Include various materials to stand like gypsum board, particle board, plaster of Paris, Wood, aluminum, asbestos sheets etc.

Important fact is, it requires helping hand that aid that ceiling to withstand. That means its not able to provide proper safety, you must install plywood just above the gypsum sheet of false ceiling that give it courage to hold the weight of the objects.

Bottom Word

With the above information I think you will be able to make the best decision for your home’s appearance. Otherwise, if you still face any trouble to decide I can suggest you please check out the differences among them again. Read the pros and cons points those already point out above.

Both are appropriate for stylized aesthetic but if you want sound proof and less cost ceiling I can suggest texture ceiling for you. Or if you want more standard, dust free, easy maintaining, more durable ceiling I can recommend smooth ceiling for you.

This opinion is only given for your concern but the decision and choice are only yours. So, ‘what you think?’

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