How Much Does Straight Pipe Cost? Everything You Need To Know About

Straight pipe is a must-have for anyone who wants to squeeze every last bit of performance out of their car. Yet most of us don’t have an idea of the cost to replace the stock muffler with a straight one. So, how much does straight pipe cost? The cost of a straight pipe varies significantly depending on the material used, diameter, length, and the place you are buying it from.

Similarly, installation cost also varies from one place to another. Nevertheless, the cost ranges from $300 to $2,500, including installation. To estimate the straight pipe cost you are looking for, you need to understand the factors that influence it. In this article, we will cover everything that you will require to estimate the range. So let’s get started.

How Much Does Straight Pipe Cost?

It would be more beneficial to provide you with a pricing list before we explore the elements determining a straight pipe’s price. By doing so, you can obtain an estimate for various materials and then determine the price on your own.

Table: Cost Of Straight Pipe For Different Materials

The primary factor that decides the price of a straight pipe is material. However, before we show you the table, it’s best to let you know that this is just an estimation. The pricing varies so much on so many factors that it’s hard to tell the accurate price. So, our table will only provide you with an estimated price range for different materials. Let’s check out the table now.

Material Used

Material Cost Only
Stainless Steel $100-$500
Aluminum $50 to $200
Mild Steel $20 to $100
Copper $100-$500
Titanium $200 to $1,000

Other Factors That Affect Straight Pipe Cost

Now that you know how the prices vary from material to material, let’s look into the other factors that affect the straight pipe cost.

  • Length

You should already know that the longer the pipe, the higher the performance it can squeeze out. Moreover, the sound is more aesthetically pleasing on longer pipes. Well, the price goes higher for longer lengths of straight pipe.

To give an estimation, the average per-foot price of a stainless steel straight pipe is $50. Well, most of us don’t like to use a foot-long straight pipe. Thus, the starting price gets up to $100, and the price increases by $50 as each foot increases.

  • Diameter

Similar to length, the diameter plays a crucial role in deciding the price of a straight pipe. The bigger the diameter, the more material is used to build it and thus a higher price.

To give you a rough estimation, the price point for a 3-meter diameter that is built of stainless steel can range from $50 to $200. Whereas a 4-meter diameter straight pipe made from stainless steel ranges from $70 to $250.

straight pipe cost


  • Location From Where You Are Buying It From

The location from where you are going to get the straight pipe also varies the price. You want to be looking for places where there is a higher concentration of automotive shops. This way, they are bound to provide you with competitive pricing.

Nevertheless, the price difference can range from $10 to $100 for location. Moreover, the installation charges may also be cheaper in a competitive market. We will talk about the installation charges deeper in the later part of this article.

  • Manufacturing Brands

Now, you have the option to custom-make or buy a straight pipe from a manufacturer. If you are buying one, you have a lot of popular manufacturing brands such as MagnaFlow, FlowMaster, and Fortluft to choose from. Nevertheless, the general rule in this situation is that the more well-known the brand, the more expensive.

So, if a non-popular brand offers you a 3-inch diameter and 3-meter-long straight pipe for $150, the popular brand will offer the same thing for $200. Yet, it’s best to go with well-known brands as they are reliable.

How The Installation Cost Varies For Straight Pipes

Here are the factors that determine the installation cost of straight pipes.

1. Type Of Vehicle

You should already know by now that different vehicles have different exhaust systems. Thus, some require more modification than others to accommodate a straight pipe.

Nevertheless, if you own a car, the cost will range from $200 to $500. However, for sports cars or trucks, the installation cost goes way up from $500 to $1,000.

2. Materials Used

Well, the material used for the straight pipe also plays a significance in its price. As certain materials may require specialized tools or techniques for installation, the cost generally goes higher.  Here’s a table listing the average cost of installation for different materials.

Material Installation Cost
Stainless Steel $500 to $1,000
Aluminum $300 to $800
Mild Steel $200 to $600
Copper $500 to $800
Titanium $500 to $1,500

3. Complexity

The complexity of the installation plays a huge role in the pricing. Depending on the vehicle and its particular setup, additional adjustments might be necessary. Moreover, creating unique brackets or hangers or rerouting exhaust piping around obstructions may be required, which raises the installation fee.

4. Labor Rate In Your Area

Lastly, where you are getting the pipe installed should be considered before determining the installation cost. The labor costs that mechanics or shops charge might vary greatly based on the region and level of skill.

Average labor costs vary by region, and because highly skilled mechanics have more knowledge and experience, they may charge more.

After all these, you may want to install it yourself. Well, it’s quite difficult to do that by yourself. Yet, if you want to, you can check out this video:

Frequently Asked Questions For Straight Pipe Cost

Let’s check out some commonly asked questions regarding straight pipes’ cost.

Q: Are there any cheaper alternatives to a full straight pipe installation?

Yes, there’s a cheaper alternative for straight pipes. You can remove the catalytic converter and muffler from your stock pipe. And it will allow the exhaust gasses to flow directly through the pipes. However, it may not be legal and you should check with your state’s law first.

Q: How hard is it to install a straight pipe by myself?

It’s quite difficult to install a straight pipe by yourself as it includes a lot of factors to understand first. From understanding the exhaust system of your car to mechanical expertise, you require it all. So it’s best to leave it for a professional.

Q: How does the cost of a straight pipe compare to other aftermarket exhaust systems?

A straight pipe is typically less expensive than other aftermarket exhaust systems. However, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks and legality of increased noise levels before making a decision.


To conclude, the answer to how much does straight pipe cost is a lot more versatile than you can think. Aside from the straight pipe’s components, such as its length and diameter, additional considerations are at play during installation.

So it’s best to always keep an additional amount in your pocket just in case. Moreover, go to areas where automobile shops are more available as you will get a better price. Lastly, always check for legal limitations before you even decide to install a straight pipe.



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