How Do You Know If Your Pipe Burst – Top 9 Signs & Solutions

Pipe burst, a big danger for all homeowners. Sometimes it comes just like a nightmare scenario, scares people a lot because it creates different problems such as ruined drywall, appliance damage, soaked carpet, mold growth, destroy water service etc. In that case, everyone should know about pipe burst, how to identify this problem, how to stop this anxiety & especially the reasons why our pipe burst.

Although, it happened rarely in our house but impact badly that mostly occur for our carelessness. We need to check our water pipe line when we face any unnatural behavior of water flow. To save our house from this damage it’s very important to know what to do when our pipe burst in our house.

Don’t worry if we show more attention on it and notice this problem at a time, we can compose this crux easily. In this article I will show you some important signs & causes those aid you to identify and also help you to be alert. So just note the signs and don’t waste your time if you find any of the sign, call a skilled plumber to set the burst pipe and save your home and appliance from any impairment.

Top 9 Signs of Burst Pipe In Your Property

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure

Water pressure is very common way to find the answer of ‘is your pipe burst or not?’ When your pipe gets burst you would see the water pressure get slow gradually and it fluctuates unevenly that you not expect actually. Sometimes you also find toilet and sink clogs those unable to push debris down that’s why pipes are not clear fully. These all the things are happened for low pressure of water that is the sign of pipe burst. If you find any of this incident in your house than understood you have burst pipe in your house.

2. Discolored, Smelly Water

Normal water color and smell are well to us, normal water is very glassy and its taste is also good. If your pipe burst you can find a significant changes in your water, you would find a metallic taste of water and your water might getting brownish color. Microscopic rust particles change the water color. And time to time water getting some blacky that is the prove of worst time of pipe.

Another big sign is smell of water that comes from leaking of sewage which produce hydrogen sulfide gas that forms in this line naturally. Its smells like rotten eggs that is very disgusting smell. This smell mixed with our water when our pipe burst in the ground. When you find any of the symptoms just call an expert plumber to fix the spoiled pipe urgently and remember don’t try to fix the burst pipe by yourself without any knowledge the pipe fixing idea.

3. Clanging Noises

Most of the people find burst pipe by tracking clanging noise that comes behind the wall. When you start the tap of water you may find a strong noise that comes from wall that is unusual actually.  Sometimes it can come from water heater, cause water heater creates sound when it heating the water. So don’t take any wrong decision just take your time to confirm where from the sound come. If you find it from water pipe than repair it quickly to save your home from big damage.Signs of Burst Pipe In Your Property

4. High Water Bills

If you have no water issues your water bill will stay in moderate Laval. When water pipe leaked or burst and your water waste by other side, suddenly your water bill will rise so fast just like a rocket. Sometimes you might have a thought that you use less water but why your water bill is high. In that case, the answer is you have system problem that creates such problem.  Water leaking is the culprit of such problem. To stand your water bill at an average level fix your damaged pipe as soon as possible.

5. Mold Growth

Leaked water pipe helps to creates moisture place and this place helps to grow moisture-loving-nasties. Microorganism creates from leaked area that aid to thrive mold spores, mildew spores. Damp dark area are their favorite place to live. If you clean the place they can return easily with the help of leaked water. They not only enhance their existence but also creates bad odors. When they grow on a place and get different color to discover that hardy to miss them. Although they grow slowly but not go easily until the place stop them to stand. So, just notice them at first and clean the area, repair the leaked pipe, also can use insecticide to stop the reborn of this mold.

6. Water Marks

Proper construction keeps our walls dry and strong but when any of construction site go bad than start a lot of problems. Water pipes a big part of this construction when pipe contain any technical problem it directly effects on the wall. To identify pipe bursting problem, you can use your home wall as a great sign spot. Most of the pipe run behind the wall and some run under the ground, when pipe burst behind the wall, they leave a proper mark on the wall that anyone can easily identify. You would find some dampness on the wall that looks like squishy & some moldy.

7. Puddle Under The Sink

It’s another significant sign of pipe burst. If you find any puddle under sink or other place where have source of water that can creates moisture just wash it out from that place quickly. Puddle can flow one place to another so don’t take it easy. It can run sink place to basement. If you don’t destroy them properly, they will find a strong place to stay that might create a huge problem for you. Don’t ignore any puddle that might create serious problem for you anytime.

8. Less Hot Water

Proper water supply makes sure proper running speed of the installations which are also related with water. Water heater provide hot water accurately when it has perfect amount of water at a time. If water supply fluctuates unevenly than heater can’t give its best. It would purvey low amount of water that may not fulfill the demand of the user. However, you can also take this topic as sign of burst pipe.

9. Water Stains On The Ceiling

Super sign to discover burst pipe and its effect. Quickly you can notice the pipe leakage problem and the way is water left stain on the ceiling that come out easily Infront of the eyes. This damage tries its best to crack the painting that you put to enhance the beauty of the house. A visible problem that anyone can notice at a glance.

Symbols of Underground Burst Pipe

Its little tough to identify and fix burst pipe when it happened underground. We can find moisture place in our yard for various reason like water pool, drain, bottom of slope etc. But it also can be happened for burst pipe, so if you feel any unusual thing that can happened by burst pipe don’t waste your time just check out immediately and recover or replace the pipe to stop the damages those are related with burst pipe. I also share with you some portent of untie pipe those may help you a lot and I think you should know them to get proper safety.

Symbols of Underground Burst Pipe

Well, I will not bore you by elaborating the topic, I’m just telling you some important symbols of underground burst pipe. If you are interested just keep reading.

  • Drop water pressure.
  • Dirty and bad smelly water.
  • Water loving insects appeared in your home.
  • Higher electric bill.
  • Different noises like hissing, splashing noises.
  • Mold and puddles on your lawn.
  • Some lawn area looks like oddly green.
  • Bad sewage odor.
  • Existence of potholes.
  • Soft spot in your yard.
  • Flooding some area of lawn that unnecessary.

Most important symbols are presented here, just keep them in mind and check, who knows any of sign is already present there that you might not noticed. If you find any of them, call a plumber and fix all the issues.

Immediate Burst Pipe Restoration Techniques

We need professional plumber to deal with burst pipe because we can’t properly stop the situation from being worst. In that case, we have to select a skilled member to tackle this situation. Pipe burst is the thing that no one want to happened with him, it come accidently and that time we can’t have any expert plumber instantly. This time some important thing we can do to control the situation or to save our property being completely destroyed.

  • Shut off the water:

When you discover any burst pipe in you house just shut off the main water line quickly. That can save you from biggest damage. If you stop water coming way, water pressure would become slow when you can give focus on the other side. This is the first move that you should do.

  • Shut off the electricity:

After shutting down water line than follow the electricity line ‘is it on or off?’ check out any fuse box or wire are directly connected with water or not. If water can connect with electricity anyhow, it may fall you in a big trouble. So

  • Call a professional plumber:

Only professional plumber can give the best service in this matter. We can try different way to stop damages or can apply our own instruments to fix the burst pipe but there has no proper guaranty of having proper safety.  Because most of us have no accurate knowledge about plumbing system. Only an expert plumber knows well how to set the disturbed pipe in a perfect way. So, just call a professional plumber when you have burst pipe.Immediate Burst Pipe Restoration Techniques

  • Drain faucets:

When you stop main water pipe line water pressure may become slow but water outcome from leak pipe can’t stop in this way. This time you have to open all the faucets to drain out all the water that are clogged into the pipe. In this way, you can save pipe from big leakage and make pipe ready to repair.

  • Let in warm air:

Warm air actually needs for frozen pipe, it keeps normal vibe on pipe and make pressure slow gradually. So, try to keep warm air inside the house, can open your home door and window to circulate air or can turn up the heat of the house. This process will assist you a lot to thaw the ice and keep pipe water normal with no out pressure.

  • Repair sleeve:

It’s a temporary process, that just cover the break place of burst pipe. If you don’t have any professional plumber in your area, you can try this process for the short time. Don’t try this process for long because it will not work for so long. Try your best to fix pipe line by good plumber.

  • Rubber, wood piece and clamp:

We can also try rubber, wood piece for short time protection that means emergency time. When plumber takes long time to come or professional are not available there, you can apply this idea. Firstly, put rubber on the burst area than cover it with wood piece and at last clamp It all together.

  • Clean the damage:

Damaged cleaning another important work for the homeowner. Just start your cleaning job when water out come stopped from leaked area. Clean up the water from the floor, also clean your home appliance and after that heat up temperature to dry all the damaged things quickly. Then, wait for the plumber for final set up.

  • Replace the burst area:

If anyone have extra pipe in their house and know how to replace pipe, he can replace pipe by the new one. Do this work carefully and tightly adjust them with old pipe. Because it must be able to stand with high water pressure. But don’t try this process if you don’t have any knowledge about plumbing.

Most Common Causes of Pipe Bursting

1. Clogged Line

Clogged line provides high pressure of water that creates a big trouble on plumbing system. If you have a clog inside the pipe of your house it may occurs pipe bursting incident anytime. It creates a little leak inside the pipe at first than grow gradually and burst pipe is the final result of this clog. For this, don’t take more time if you found any clog just call a plumber before it’s become more expensive.

2. High Water Pressure

Try to use high pressure resistant pipe to reduce pipe bursting. If your pipe is normal and not able to consume high water pressure, it may break or leaked by this high speed of water. To reduce this type problem, you can also install a pressure reducing valve that may help you to stand water pressure in a moderate level.

3. Corrosion

Water pipe may burst for corrosion specially when it made from metal or iron.  When we use this pipe and it getting old age, you can see it acquire some rust and this rust affect badly on pipe walls, seals, joints etc. Eventually it creates a creak on the wall of the pipe. In this reason, water get brownish color that looked not normal. It’s a big reason of pipe bursting. You can solve this problem by replacing pipe by coper pipe or plastic pipe. That means, no rust no corrosion.

4. Damaged Pipe Joints

Pipe joints can be damaged by high water pressure or temperature fluctuations. Time of water heating, pipe joints feel strong pressure on it and sometimes when it affected by rust it can’t control itself and then occur the bad thing that is pipe bursting.

5. Frozen Pipes

People who lived in a cold area they face this problem more. When temperature fall down at 0-degree Fahrenheit, water pipe start getting freeze. That time water pressure gets slow speed and some where locked by ice. It stops the normal flow of water and make high pressure some particular place. At last pipe burst for this frozenness.

6. Loose Connections

Loose connection is another significant reason of pipe bursting. Loose connection led pipe to burst gradually, it works step by step at first leaked pipe a short area than it increases its position eventually. Normally this incident happened for unprofessional work. In most cases, plumber being responsible for pipe bursting because they didn’t do their job perfectly, put pipe connection loose and then fall homeowner into big damages.

7. Invading Tree Roots

Tree root attack mainly in our underground water pipe. Unplanned tree planting and construction are responsible for this problem. Root increases its position day by day; it makes high pressure on pipe and it continue its job until the pipe burst fully. So, try to plant tree with perfect planning and if root already pressured on pipe cut it and repair pipe by professional plumber.

8. Movement

Unwanted movement is the big risk of pipe bursting. If your water pipe is not secured and its moved unevenly, it can lose the joint that is not stable actually and not ready to accept high water pressure. At last, it causes pipe burst.

Reliable Burst Pipe Prevention Process

Every homeowner wants to save his house from any kind of damages that can be water damage, electricity damage etc. That why it’s extremely essential to know the prevention process of any kind of danger. Here presents some important method those may help you to keep home save from water damage that may be created by pipe bursting. Are you ready to follow these steps?

1. Keep Tap Running in Cold Days

Over cold in winter season freeze water pipe, make water pressure high and cause pipe bursting. So, try to keep running all the tap in cold days to maintain better water flow and stop pipe destroying.

2. Insulate Unheated Areas

Mostly we found plumbing areas unheated that enhance the possibility of pipe bursting. Pipe need warmth place to work better for its owner. So, lets insulate heat for unheated areas that keep pipe perfect to go better.

3. Install Smart Technology

Technology makes our life easy, comfortable and most cases risk free. To reduce pipe bursting problem, we can try some instruments and technics.

  1. Can use water leak detection system that shut off the water automatically if feel any leakage.
  2. Buy a smart home thermostat that can control and monitor by remote.
  3. Permanent back up generators that can be try to high power points automatically where power get low motions.

4. Cover Exposed Pipe

In winter season pipe affected badly by overflowing cold that freeze pipe and make troubles. So, try to cover exposed pipe accurately that can protect pipe from bad effect of weather.

5. Seal Leaks & Drafty Areas

If you already have leakage on water pipe seal them by strong elements that may stay last long and try to call professional for this job who can ensure your proper safety.

6. Use Corrosion Free Pipe

Try to skip metal build pipe and use plastic pipe or coper pipe that can protect pipe from corrosion which try its best to lead pipe burst.

7. Call Professional Plumber to Install Water Pipe

A professional plumber can ensure your safety by keeping your water pipe leakage free, proper connection and perfect installation. So, try to arrange them at the right time.

FAQ Section

Q1: How long does a burst pipe take to do serious water damage?

 A burst pipe can do serious water damage within 24 hours. Water can be flooded on the floor badly, damage home appliance, damage electric instruments, help mold to growth and some other. May create some other risk those we can’t imagine ever.

Q2: How do you fix a burst pipe?

Fixing process depends on leakage conditions and spot. Give some points here about pipe fixing, just read them carefully.

  • Stop the water supply.
  • Identify the leakage area.
  • Make place ready for replacement.
  • Drain water.
  • Cut leaked area.
  • Clean pipe and valve.
  • Add coper pipe and tied them with flux.
  • Connect joints perfectly.

Q3: Where do most pipes burst?

Pipe mostly burst in an unheated area where we face much trouble when pipe clogged and freeze. On the other hand, pipe also burst in outside area and which is exposed. That place pipe faces much trouble to stay.

Q4: How much does it cost to fix a burst water pipe?

Simple leak will require average $225 and if you try to repair creak pipe or broken pipe it may require average $150 per linear foot. Actually, differs by leakage, area or sometimes plumber’s demand.

Final Thought

In this article I’m just showing you some important sign of pipe bursting. If you find any of the above sign don’t neglect the situation, just take an immediate action. Call a professional plumber and fix the leakage. Small leakage can’t lead huge damage, so try to fix leakage as soon as possible when it moves in low level.

Here also presents ways those may help you to deal with leaked pipe, reasons of burst pipe and the prevention process to get relief from damages and have dry and sound home. I hope this information may fulfill expectations and help you to take necessary action.

Michael is the owner of Michael's Plumbing. He has experience over 15 years solved thousands of plumbing issues. 100% customer satisfaction made him best in this sector. Finally he decided to share his skills, experience and techniques through this PipesYard blog. Hopefully each and every post of this blog will be helpful for people seeking piping help.

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