What is PVC Pipe Used For- All You Need To Know!

What is PVC Pipe Used For

PVC pipe, or polyvinyl chloride pipe, is a versatile and long-lasting piping material used in various applications for decades. This pipe has become popular for many projects, ranging from plumbing to electrical conduit and so on. So, what is PVC pipe used for? Apart from plumbing systems and electrical conduits, PVC pipe is widely used … Read more

Get Creative: How to Hide PVC Pipe Outside?

How to Hide PVC Pipe Outside

Want to know how the neighbor’s managed to hide their PVC pipes? You can hide it by painting, covering or building trellis around it. These techniques are all easy to apply. It isn’t only hide the pipe but also enhance the beauty of your home. So, how to hide PVC pipe outside? There are a … Read more

How to Connect PVC to Copper Pipe

How to Connect Pvc to Copper Pipe

To connect PVC pipe to a copper pipe, you will need three tools: a hacksaw or PVC cutter, primer and cement. First, measure the pipes and cut them to size using the hacksaw or PVC cutter. Next, apply primer to both ends of the pipe. This will help the cement adhere better when applied in … Read more