Types Of Pipes (A Comprehensive Guide)

Piping is a fundamental backbone of any plumbing system, yet improper selection remains one of the most common and costly mistakes. Beyond transporting water or other fluids, pipes must adhere to electrical codes and withstand pressure ratings. They must also connect with exacting precision and serve their function for decades.  With new materials and manufacturing … Read more

Exhaust Pipe Materials: Commonly Used Materials With Their Chemical Properties and Usabilities

Exhaust Pipe Materials Commonly Used Materials With Their Chemical Properties and Usabilities

Dealing with the engine sound, high temperature, and gas chemicals are the primary tasks of an exhaust pipe. Thus, exhaust pipe materials must be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the damages caused by these functions. Manufacturers use aluminized steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, nickel alloy, and cast iron materials for exhaust pipes. These materials … Read more

How To Measure Exhaust Pipe? A Complete Guide:

How To Measure Exhaust Pipe?

Poor performance of a vehicle can be the result of installing an incorrect exhaust pipe. Now, how would you find the correct size of exhaust pipe only specified for your vehicle? So, how to measure exhaust pipes? Well, you need to follow a simple method by using a measuring tape. Measure the outside diameter of … Read more

How To Straight Pipe A Truck – A Detailed Guide

How To Straight Pipe A Truck

Straight-piping is a popular way to customize trucks to produce loud, rumbling exhaust sounds. This modification eliminates catalytic converters and mufflers from the exhaust system and replaces them with plain pipes. Now, wondering how to straight pipe a truck? Well, start by parking and raising the truck to access the underside. Remove the exhaust system, … Read more